IT Projects

Welcome to my projects page! Below are my projects based on what they are. Scripts/programs, Raspberry Pi Projects, etc.. Not all are here yet, just scripts. Click around, see if something catches your eye. All my projects are released under the most permissible license possible. If you are asking why, Kevin O'leary puts it perfectly.

"Nobody has a Monopoly on good ideas."

How true this is. Take my ideas, expand on them, turn them proprietary or release them under a different license, I dont care what you do with them. Just keep learning, expanding and exploring.


ChatGPT on the Command-Line (MIT License)

Powershell Script to Reset Active Directory User Passwords, Designed for a Client (MIT License)

Suckless Local Version Control System (MIT License)

Holiday Effects
Effects used on JustANerds.Site HomePage during Holiday's (MIT License)

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